Eat the Web, August 8, 2015

by Meg Cotner on August 8, 2015


Summer perfection—peach and cucumber salad

Welcome back to Eat the Web, the intermittent collection of links that have caught my eye. I often post them piecemeal to twitter, but it’s nice to have them in one place. Here are some choice links from this summer:

My, how you’ve changed, watermelon [Vox]

Delicious grilled cheese sandwiches in SF at B. on the Go [SF Chronicle]

Spicy food might help you live longer [SciAm]

Quick ricotta gnocchi that look fabulous, and easy to make [Serious Eats]

Astoria’s “cathedral to smoked meats”—Muncan Food Corp—gets some love (good, traditional cured meats are here in abundance) [VV]

Easy summer ceviche [Latina]

Warming water in the Columbia river are causing sockeye salmon to die in large numbers [Digital Journal]

NYC Honey Week returns this September [NYC Honey Week]

One of NYC’s oldest German butchers, Schaller & Weber, opens a little sausage bar [DNAinfo]

This Peruvian gazpacho looks wonderful! The half avocado is particularly appealing. [Eating Free]

I recently came back from a lovely vacation in sunny San Diego. I ate a lot of tasty food, saw the sights, and spent time with family celebrating the wedding of my cousin. Here’s a shot from the beach out into the Pacific Ocean. It was perfect.

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