The Joy of White Moustache Yogurt


For a little while now, I’ve seen this fancy-looking yogurt in specialty shops in NYC—White Moustache brand. It comes in glass containers, has a hip look (moustaches are big in NYC these days), and is made Persian-style, which is a thick, strained-type yogurt (think FAGE). While shopping at Murray’s Cheese on Bleecker Street, I came across it and decided to take the plunge—and boy, am I glad I did.

This is the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted—even better than the strained raw yogurt I make at home. It has a wonderful texture—smooth and creamy, yet light, and was perfectly balanced in the sweet/tang department. You’d that that even with sweetened sour cherries, the yogurt would taste more sour than most, but this did not have any harshness to it whatsoever. The natural sweetness of the milk is clear in the taste of the yogurt.


The yogurt itself takes three days to make, and is truly handcrafted. They fill each container by hand and make all the fruit/veg elements. A jar at Murray’s was priced at $5.99, and I think with all things taken into consideration, it’s worth it. 

The milk they use is local to our area—more about that from their FAQ:

All our yogurt products begin with whole milk from Hudson Valley Fresh, a dairy farmer partnership dedicated to sustainable agriculture and to preserving the dairy farming tradition of New York’s Hudson River Valley. We only use whole milk [from 100% grass-fed cows] and probiotic cultures to make our yogurt — that’s it! We do not add any cream or starches. There is about 10-12oz of milk that goes into making one jar of yogurt.

Here’s a great video about them from Food.Curated.

It also has a gorgeous color when you mix the yogurt and the fruit.


I also love how I can use the glass container to store little leftovers—I’ve been moving away from plastic as much as I can and using glass jars for storing things (like leftovers).

Overall, this yogurt is beyond excellent—highly recommended. I can’t wait to try other flavors!

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