Happy 2nd Birthday, Harmonious Belly!

by Meg Cotner on February 16, 2012

beets, glorious beets

Well, turns out I totally spaced on Harmonious Belly’s second birthday! It was February 8. A lot has happened in this past year – a layoff sprurring on lots of writing, preserving, and food experimentation. My garden was awesome this past year (no blight, hooray!). And a little guy entered my life (I love you, Linus) and captured my heart, while my beloved girl passed on (RIP Marina).

I developed collaborations with entities like the Queens Swap, the Queens Harvest Food Co-op, the Traditional Community Kitchen, and the Vanderbilt Republic, among others. And I was interviewed and featured in various places around the intertubes.

So happy birthday, little blog! Here’s to many more collaborations, learning more, nurturing old friendships and creating new ones, and lots of delicious food! Paid work would be nice, too, universe. :)

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