Thanksgiving is Coming

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I like it better than Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, and Halloween. For me, it’s the feel-good holiday of the year and is meaningful to both secular and religious people alike. Of course, it’s the time for gratitude and taking stock in what I’m grateful for, despite all the extreme ups and downs this past year has provided.

I also like it because it is a food-centric holiday, full of delicious dishes! Meat eaters and vegetarians alike can enjoy the food, and even vegans can have a satisfying meal. During my Berkeley years, I once participated in a “cruelty-free meal” one Thanksgiving, with a Tofurkey as the central protein. Of course, I don’t eat unfermented soy anymore, and can’t imagine eating a Tofurkey myself. These days I’d prefer to have the real deal anyway.

Over the years, roast turkey has been the main focus at big family meals. To be honest, I’ve never roasted a big bird myself; when I’m cooking the bird, I usually buy a chicken and roast that. It’s easier and it’s a more realistic amount of meat. This year, I am cooking turkey, but not by roasting it. We’ve chosen to make turkey chili! I think it will be a fun twist on the turkey as centerpiece of the meal.

This Tuesday, I’ll pick up some ground turkey and turkey sausage in my CSA share. I’ve got some dried black beans from Cayuga Organics. I’ll also use organic tomatoes I canned over the summer, some organic onions and garlic, and various spices. It will be a very simple chili.

Along with that, I’ll likely roast some root vegetables – carrots and yams. I like roasting them with thyme and rosemary, with some garlic, too, and I’ll use some duck fat I rendered a while back. The lacto-fermented kimchi I made might go well with that, too. I’d love to roast some brussels sprouts, too! I think they’d be good with bacon.

I’d also like to try my hand at fermented cranberry relish. And I’ll see what is in our CSA share this week to determine additional elements of the meal.

We also picked up a delicious Malbec and Prosecco, to celebrate the start of the holiday season.

Pumpkin pie will be our dessert, which I’ll make from roasted butternut squash I grew in my garden this summer. I have pastured eggs on hand, which will increase the nutrition of the pie.

I’m really looking forward to the day, which should be pretty relaxed. We’re on our own this year, and while I’d love to see my family, it’s just not financially possible. Last year I was in Washington, and it was really nice. Hopefully next year we’ll make it out west for a family Thanksgiving. Phone calls are on tap for the day.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

This post is participating in the Astoria Blog Carnival – Thanksgiving Edition, hosted by We Heart Astoria.

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3 Replies to “Thanksgiving is Coming”

  1. I will be having Thanksgiving with my kids and Scott. We will have a roast turkey, potatoes, gravy and stuffing with cranberries. We will likely have corn, green beans, and/or broccoli and I hope to make a couple pies and perhaps rolls or biscuits. We will also have jambalya on the menue as neither of my children are big on the Thanksgiving foods. But I’m with you and this is my favorite holiday and I do like all the traditional foods.

    I’ve been wanting to try some brussel sprout recipes I’ve seen over the years. I will have to put that as a definite for next year as I’ve already completed me shopping.

    Tomorrow is my last CSA share for the year.

    1. Your dinner sounds delicious – so many good things in that meal. Sorry to hear the kids aren’t so into the Thanksgiving foods; maybe they’ll grow to love them at some point.

      I love brussels sprouts simply cut in half lengthwise, tossed in olive oil and salt, and roasted, cut side down. It’s a simple, beautiful, and delicious way to enjoy them. Last year when we were out there in WA for Thanksgiving, Linda pan roasted brussels sprouts and they were amazing! Yum.

      Bummer about your last CSA share, too. We used to end our veggie shares right before Thanksgiving, but our farmer gave us the option to extend things to mid-December. Fruit ends this week, though.

  2. I am choosing to fast this Thanksgiving and in honor of the Native American Indian that don’t celebrate the holiday. As a child I loved it because as Chinese American the family ate home
    cooking of Cantonese food except we always had a turkey though frozen and boxed mashed
    potatoes this was a change of pace. The canned cranberry sauce but I grew up during the
    60’s 70’s when fast food was all the rage..For this reason not looking forward to eating with
    my family though as it is larger and we go to my sister who has chef son-in-law better food
    and sometimes go to Chinese restaurant in Hicksville. When I was vegetarian I never tried
    the tofurkey and yes now I wouldn’t from what I know about soy..I would like to have some
    day a real home cooked meal of traditional Thanksgiving. I do like the meaning of being thankful for what happened this year but guess that could and should be everyday. Your
    meal sounds interesting Meg.

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